Tour List

Blue Lagoon, Crystal Lagoon, Santa Maria Bay in Comino

Experience the Blue Lagoon, Crystal Lagoon, Santa Maria Bay in Comino. Departing at 10am from Grand Harbour Marina, it takes about 1.45h to reach Comino. Once there, the lagoon offers a fantastic snorkeling experience: The sea is known for its wonderful turquoise color, the waters are quite shallow and you don’t need to be a perfect swimmer to admire the beautiful underwater world. You can opt for a complete tour of the island or stop and take advantage of the show offered by the spot, enjoy lunch on board and relax to the sound of your favorite music. The return is scheduled for 6pm at the Marina.

Itinerary: Blue Lagoon (Comino)
Duration: 8 Hrs
Main Attraction: Blue Lagoon Crystal Waters

Malta NorthWest coast tour

Experience Gnejna, Paradise, Golden bays. Departing at 10.00 from the Grand Harbour Marina, Paradise beach is reached in about 1h20. The 3 Bays are among the most popular destinations on the island by young people, sportsmen and families. Clear and shallow waters, safe moorings and the possibility to go down to the beach and socialize.

Itinerary: Malta Northwest
Duration: 8 Hrs
Main Attraction: Paradise – Golden – Gnejna Bay

Sunset onboard experience

Experience a watch of the sun set over a bay, wathing the horizon in a myriad of orange shades, is always a unique and unforgettable experience … but even more when admired from a sailboat in the heart of the most beautiful bays of Malta, while sipping a chilled glass of wine or enjoying delicious dishes prepared by our chefs. An experience you will remember for the rest of your life!

Itinerary: Coast of Malta
Duration: 4 Hrs

Malta Round Trip


Circumnavigation of Malta is for the more curious and demanding, the possibility of opting for a complete tour of the island, to discover the most mysterious and fascinating spots. Possibility to stop on request and swim, and then resume navigation while enjoying a drink or sunbathing on board. Departure at 9am, enjoy the sunset in one of the most beautiful spot and return the following day, for a truly complete experience!

Itinerary: Round trip of Malta
Duration: 2 Days
Main Attraction: Landmarks

Malta – Sicily round trip

A delightful three-day sailing to the southeast coast of Sicily with an unusual combination of events will undoubtedly make your vacation more exciting. Visit to the Punta delle Formiche and the Island of the currents, the point where the Ionian Sea meets the Mediterranean, overnights stay in the harbor and a tour in the charming Marzamemi, possibility to taste and shop for products such as Pachino tomatoes or Nero d’Avola wine. Unique experience!

Itinerary: Malta- SouthEast Coast of Sicily
Duration: Min. 3 days

Malta – Lampedusa – Linosa round trip

Starting from Malta, Lampedusa and Linosa will be a wonderful discovery for your summer: a sailing experience in the high seas, the possibility of fishing for tuna or swordfish, the charm of beaches and coves, reachable only from the sea, and finally the spectacle of nature and slow life that characterize Linosa and Lampedusa, famous for their turquoise waters

Itinerary: Malta - Lampedusa - Linosa
Duration: 4 Days (Min 6 People)
Main Attraction: Pelagie Islands

Diving & Snorkeling on our sailing boats

Explore Malta’s most fabulous dive spots! We love to dive and want to show you the best our island can offer. Our experienced guides provide a full pre-dive briefing, before guiding you around our many sites so you can get the most from every dive.